Mid MO Micro Computers

1436 County Road 412, Bonnots Mill, MO 65016

June 10, 2021

Due to a number of factors I have decided to accept a position working with the State of Missouri's IT department.  I will continue to support existing clients but will need to limit my support to evenings and weekends.  I will also spend my free time working to get fiber optic Internet access to the local community.  I have fiber optic Internet, you should too! 

Active and past customers can contact me to discuss support going forward.  I will still be able to process warranty repairs/replacement for products I have sold in the past.   Feel free to text me 24/7 and I will respond as soon as I can.

My new business availability hours will be 5:00pm - 10pm Monday - Friday, Saturday and Sunday typically 9am - 6pm.  New Internet installs will typically be restricted to weekends, or during daylight hours after 5pm.

Brian Stegeman